Green Community

CTY-Africa performs environmental conservation and education initiatives in rural communities to empower residents and protect the environment.

We are focusing on community environmental protection and education in our Green community projectWe work with youth in families as part of this programme.

Community sensitization, fruit tree planting, and energy replacement are the three elements of this initiative.

  1. Community sensitization:

In many places of Uganda, tree cutting for fuel wood, charcoal burning, and clearing land for habitation has resulted in a major decline in forest coveringDeforestation has weakened the ground, which, when paired with more concentrated rainfall caused climate change, has resulted in a high occurrence of landslides in several places of UgandaTo address these issues, we must educate communities on climate change, how it occurs, and how we can combat itand we are engaged in actions to explain the issue of environmental conservation and its value to them through community sensitizations and conversations.

  1. Fruit tree planting:

We also encourage the planting of fruit treesWith the help of community youngsters, we established fruit tree community nursery bedsGrown seedlings are delivered to community members, and tree planting is carried out in collaboration with themIncreasing the number of trees and plants not only prevents deforestation and landslides, but also helps to minimize future global warmingThese fruit trees provide sustenance as well as cash through the selling of ripened fruits.

  1. Energy substitution:

We also promote energy substitution including youths in energy generating activities that contribute to climate change, such as charcoal burning and wetlands farmingWe educate these young people about the environmental damage they are causing and provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to engage in alternative occupations such as briquette production for charcoal burners.