About Us

Comrades To Youths Africa is a community-based organization based in Mayuge District in Uganda, East Africa. It was formed in 2020 and registered as Community Based organization in 2021 under the 2016 Non-Government Organizations Act Mayuge District.

It is a youth empowerment and Environmental protection Organization focused on reducing youth unemployment through equipping youths in schools with the essential knowledge to help them create jobs and ensuring environmental protection for school-going youths.


An empowered youth in a safe environment.


A for-impact community youth-led organization that equips students with the knowledge to thrive in the employment world and safeguard their future actively engaging in environmental conservation.


To equip students with environmental sustainability knowledge with the aim of raising an environmentally conscious future generation.

To prepare students into job creation rather than job seeking.

To promote games and sports talents of youths in Uganda and Africa at large.

To partner with organizations with similar objectives both nationally and internationally to impact more youth.


Students Empowerment: The organization aims at equipping students with skills that are not equipped to them in the education curriculumAnd it will be subdivided into the following activities

  • Leadership and entrepreneurship course; the course aims at equipping youth with 21st Century skills and business/employment skills to overcome gender inequalities and succeed in this formal sector scarce of job opportunities
  • Mentorship; involves career guidance, general life counselling, and conflict solving, among others.
  • Skilling; involves equipping students with both soft and hard skillsSoft skills involve financial literacy and business skills while hard skills involve technical skills.
  • Fellowships; this involves organizing an annual fellowship that bring students from different schools together to be taught particular topics, and share ideas with friends, they also are exposed to leadership development and business ideas and planning concepts and also get lessons from experienced leaders and business persons.

Environmental conservation Education: The organization aims at sensitizing school-going children from the age of 7-19 about climate change and its effects and how it can be fought.

This activity involves fruit tree planting and other environmental conservation activities.