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Securing the Future Generation

Students Empowerment and Sustainability Education for Youth

vision for the future

Our Community Problem

The youth of Mayuge district face unemployment, lacking skills and opportunities amidst environmental degradation, severely threatening their future prospects.

The youth in Mayuge district, Uganda face significant challenges in accessing opportunities for personal and professional growth, leading to widespread unemployment and disengagement. Mayuge district has a large youth population, with over 78% of the population under the age of 30. However, youth unemployment remains a major issue, with around 13.3% of young people aged 15-24 and 8.3% of those aged 25-29 unemployed.
Many young people in the district lack the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to secure meaningful employment or start their own businesses. This issue is further exacerbated by environmental degradation in the region, which threatens the long-term sustainability and prosperity of local communities. Mayuge district is grappling with the impacts of environmental degradation, which threatens the livelihoods and future of its young population.
Addressing these interconnected challenges of youth unemployment and environmental degradation requires a comprehensive approach that empowers young people in Mayuge district. By providing them with comprehensive training programs focused on leadership development, entrepreneurial skills, strategic thinking, and environmental conservation, the youth can be equipped to become responsible citizens who can contribute positively to their communities and actively protect the environment for future generations. This holistic approach has the potential to unlock the immense potential of the youth in Mayuge district, leading to improved livelihoods, increased environmental sustainability, and a more prosperous future for the region.

Our Promise to the Community

Our Solution

CTY-Africa combats youth unemployment and raises climate awareness in our community through innovative programs, we empower youth with entrepreneurship skills and environmental education, shaping proactive problem-solvers for a sustainable future.

We are addressing the challenges of youth unemployment and environmental degradation in Mayuge district. This strategy outlines a comprehensive approach to empower young people, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to thrive and contribute to a sustainable future.


Who we are

Comrades To Youths Africa is a community-based organization operating in Mayuge District, Uganda. Established in 2020 and officially registered in 2021 under the Non-Government Organizations Act, it focuses on youth empowerment and environmental protection.

The organization’s mission is to equip students with life skills, entrepreneurship, and leadership through various programs such as mentorship, skill-building, and fellowships. They also drive climate education among school-aged youngsters through Green Clubs, promoting tree planting and sustainable practices. Comrades To Youths Africa also aims to empower women (mothers) in rural areas through fostering climate awareness, sustainable livelihoods, and economic growth.



Creating pathways to success for youth in a nurturing and secure environment.


To equip student youths with knowledge and resources to thrive in life and safeguard their future through environmental conservation efforts.


Main Objective

To empower the youth of Mayuge district through skills training, entrepreneurship, and environmental education for sustainable livelihoods and eco-friendly economic growth.



The Work We Do in Our Community


students Empowerment

The program is a comprehensive initiative designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to excel in various aspects of their lives


Sustainability Education

Through this program, we strive to educate students about climate change, solar energy, SDGs, love and connect with nature, and foster future generations’ consciousness of the environment.

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Play4Change Initiative

This program is dedicated to using sports and games as a platform for empowering youth, fostering community development, and promoting values of inclusivity and environmental stewardship.

The Approach


Our Impact

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Our Partners

Together We Can
Solar Foundation
Solarpunk Nomads
Infinix Family Investments
Mayuge District Local Government